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Divorce, Parenting & Coparenting


Mendolia Behavioral Health offers divorce, and co-parenting services.  Divorce is a stressful process that can bring up a lot of conflicting emotions. People often deal with betrayal, upset children, or strife with an ex-partner. Confusion, anger, anxiety, and sadness are very common during this process. 



Children in divorcing families might feel confused or guilty. They might learn too much about privacy issues or might start acting out for attention or control. It often helps children to understand divorce, learn relaxation exercises, and find positive ways of coping. Supportive therapy can help minimize the risks that children face during divorce. 



Even when getting divorced, it can be helpful to meet together. Whether you would like to know how to explain your divorce to your children, come to an agreement before mediation, or get closure from the past, counseling can help you move on and past your divorce more smoothly. Seeking therapy to plan your divorce can save you money on long legal proceedings in the future.


At Mendolia Behavioral Health, we understand that co-parenting means we are tied for years to someone we no longer want as a partner. Instead of being able to leave this person in our past, we now have to try to move on while still communicating with them on a regular basis. This can make lives a nightmare and these conflicts can inadvertently start to affect children.  We help parents put their anger and hurt aside and move forward in a civil way for the wellbeing of their children.  Co-parenting therapy will assist in finding balance in parents' lives by reducing conflict, improving communication, and implementing helpful parenting strategies.  If you have a custody agreement in place, Mendolia Behavioral Health can help you create a plan for amicably sharing custody with minimal disagreements.  

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